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Review of Benewake TFmini Plus


TFmini Plus is the upgraded product of Benewake TFmini, one of the most popular sensors in TF series.

Inheriting the advantages of small size, low power consumption, and cost effectiveness from the previous generation, TFmini Plus brings new features and more application possibility to our clients: high detection frequency up to 1000Hz (adjustable), blind zone reduction, highly protective IP65, less affected by reflectivity and temperature, etc.

Features and Benefits

1. High Frame Rate Detecting in Real Time – Static Objects and Moving Objects

The detection range of TFmini Plus is up to 12m. The frame rate is adjustable from 1Hz to 1000Hz, which enables the task of capturing ranging data from the moving target instantly and quickly.

To meet the different requests from clients, the detection frequency is adjustable for moving objects and static objects, offering high accuracy results in a low power consumption.

2. Tiny Size, Compact Design, Low Power Consumption.

The dimension of TFmini Plus is only 35mm*21mm*18.5mm. The compact design allows the sensor to be integrated in different kind of smart products to achieve the functions like obstacle avoidance and level monitoring.

In addition, the power consumption of TFmini Plus is down to 550mW. It is one of the lowest power consumption products currently in the market.

3. High Protection Enclosure, Mass Market Price.

Upgraded TFmini module to TFmini Plus with enclosure rating of IP65, it is a milestone product presenting the cost-effective high-performance product value to all of our clients.

Performance Variance in Different Conditions

TFmini Plus Detailed Parameters and Demo Video

Feedback from Clients

After two months from the launching, here are some feedback we collected from our clients.

Client 1: Our recent project is a robot for agriculture use, so the sensors definitely need to be water and dust resistance. Benewake TFmini Plus is just match my need.

Client 2: My monitoring area is small and narrow. Compared with other solutions, TF mini Plus LiDAR has a narrow FOV. It would not detect the wall around the monitoring zone. The detection spot is small, so in my case, it gives me a more accuracy result.