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LiDAR in Smart Cities: Beyond Autonomous Driving


LiDAR as a new technology product, gradually known to the public in the past decade, is widely used in autonomous driving, intelligent transportation system and security industry. However, besides the industrial use, LiDAR is also able to create the moment of joy in your daily life.

Smart Home

picture 1 smart home

Life could be much easier if the furniture is able to walk on its own.

Smart furniture with Benewake sensor installed can move to the specified place automatically, without hitting child, pet or other houseware. Benewake LiDAR can detect the obstacle in real time and send the information to the control system, which will give an order to the furniture to stop the movement immediately.

It can make housework much easier, such as cleaning, re-decorating or simply taking out your dog’s favorite ball under the sofa.

Make your furniture smarter today!

Retail and Entertainment

picture 2 piano staircase

Create a moment of joy from daily routine and make lifestyle healthier, by building a piano staircase in public space.

Each stair matches a key in piano. When a person is detected standing on the stair, Benewake LiDAR will send the signal to the sounding circuit, and then the sound will be played by the loudspeaker. Piano staircase can encourage people walk stairs and be healthier, however you can also make great art work with it. There is already a group of artists play it like real instrument and uploaded them on YouTube. And no matter how fast you “press the key”, Benewake can catch your movement accurately in real time.

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Food Delivery

picture 3 Food Delivery Drones

Although the service has not yet spread, unmanned delivery vehicles and drones are no longer new things.

Installed in the unmanned delivery vehicles and drones, Benewake LiDAR sensor can detect the obstacle in front and assists the vehicles do obstacle avoidance tasks. Benewake LiDAR keeps the vehicle and our takeaway safe on the journey.

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