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Benewake LiDAR Family Demystified: A CES 2019 forecast


As a world-wide gala, CES 2019 comes towards us with more and more attention as always.

According to a report from Accenture, the spotlight of CES2019 still falls on the most advanced technology including 5G, AR/VR, data reliability, voice device and autonomous driving.

As LiDAR continuous to be the most fascinating core sensors for autonomous driving development, more than 50 LiDAR suppliers spring up all around the world. As an important member of Chinese brand, Benewake will be present with its most advanced technology and products.

Last week Benewake CEO Dr. Li gave a speech named Benewake revelation at the MEMS seminar, during which he mentioned about the CES 2019. Dr. Li says, Benewake will demonstrate for the first time its new products Benewake Horn-X, which is specialized on autonomous driving. Instead of being a trend runner, Benewake dedicated to providing automotive-grade LiDAR to make sure it works well in all conditions.

Picture 1  Benewake CEO Dr. Li in speech at present

Dr. Li presents us the new breakthrough on Benewake LiDAR, which would be a typical representative of autonomous driving LiDAR.

As a summit of Benewake solid state LiDAR, Horn-X has longer detection range and lifespan, as well as big technical advantage for providing redundancy in large coverage.

Picture 2  Newly-launched LiDAR Benewake Horn X

Dr. Li also introduces more Benewake commercialized products, which are the TF series single-point LiDAR sensor and CE30 series solid-state array LiDAR sensor.

TF series works as non-contact distance sensors for various scenarios including level detection, unmanned system (drone and auto-vehicle), smart transportation management, smart home appliance and so on.

Picture 3  Dr. Li introduces TF series products highlights

CE30 series is the best reference for Benewake 3D Flash LIDAR application in real scene. It is installed on logistic vehicles for obstacle avoidance and man-machine cooperation.

Picture4  Dr. Li shares the commercialized applications of CE series products

Meet us on Booth 9423, North Hall LVCC, on 8th-11th Jan 2019 to unveil more Benewake products.

Forecast: All you expect about Benewake Horn LiDAR for autonomous driving.