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How LiDAR Will Reshape the Security Industry


Perimeter Security is everywhere, from the backyard of your house to the industrial park. Even most of the time people cannot feel its exist, but nobody will underestimate its importance. Nowadays, there are more and more inquires for smart surveillance solutions.

Traditional Camera Security Solution

Although LiDAR is still new to the security industry, it already impressed some of the clients by the excellent performance and reliability. For security solution providers and users, high accuracy of intruder identification and tracking, and low false-alarm rate are the key factors in applications. With the advantage of high frame rate, LiDAR coupled with AI algorithm can significantly reduce the cost and other potential disorder caused by false alarm.

  Benewake LiDAR for Security Application

Perimeter Security refers to natural barriers or built fortifications to either keep intruders out or to keep captives contained within the area the boundary surrounds. Modern perimeter security system connects the sensors with video surveillance to trigger alarms and track the intruder in real time.

With rich experience in R&D and mass production, Benewake LiDAR, based on ToF (The Time-of-Flight principle), can build a virtual fence for secure zones.

Product Features:

1. Long Detection Range from 0.1m to 180m

2. Low Supply Voltage of DC 5V (≥200mA)

3. High Protective Rate IP67

4. High Frame Rate up to 1000Hz can identify different kind of intruder movement, including Extremely slow or fast moving target

5. Built-in Algorithms can provide information including distance, speed and shape

6. Decrease the False Alarm Rate with FOV down to 0.5°

7. Compact Size and Customized Parameter

8. Mass Market Prices

9. Free from Electromagnetic Waves and Radar Interference

Installation Rendering of Benewake LiDAR Security System

The integration solution of Benewake LiDAR can enable one more shield to perimeter security, by its excellent compatibility with existing PTZ camera control and alarm systems. First, the build-in algorithms of Benewake LiDAR can analyze intruder information, including distance, speed, and orientation. Then it gives the order to cameras to zoom the lens automatically in the area. A clear photo or video of intruder will be captured by monitors, and the system can give an alarm in real time or by manual operation according to security planning.
Integration System combined LiDAR sensors, monitors and alarms together


1. Factory

2. Construction site safety zone

3. Prison

4. High-value warehouse

Application of LiDAR Surveillance System

Any kind of perimeter security solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Benewake can offer high-performance customized solution based on specific project and requirement. For more information of Benewake LiDAR security solution, please contact us at: bw@benewake.com