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Benewake Launches New ToF LiDAR in Nuremberg to Enter European Market


Recently, the 3-day SENSOR+TEST 2017 was successfully held in Nuremberg, bringing together 600+ manufacturers from 30+ countries. The event is “the annual milestone” of global sensor and measuring technology market with 200+ meetings convened ranging from micro sensor to complete test system, covering test and measure solutions of the whole industry and showcasing latest achievements of test schemes in different environments such as scientific research environment and field environment in a thorough way. 

With the development of global sensor and measuring technology market, Chinese sensor manufacturers have established their presence in the market. Benewake, an enterprise of “Created in China”, made its debut at the Exhibition and launched TF02, its up-to-date ToF single-point LiDAR.

TF01, previous version of TF02 was designed to solve the altitude hold, a pain point demand of plant protection drone field. Through a basic understanding of plant protection drone, one will know that plant protection drone is of high complexity, and therefore it is not easy for drones to fly steadily under multiple environments. Only by controlling lots of variables could drones fly steadily. Limitations of traditional GPS, barometer, ultrasonic and other altitude hold solutions have become a serious danger to the altitude hold of plant protection drones (e.g. low accuracy, big error, and great influence by weather). ToF LiDAR presented by Benewake can just make up for the limitations of traditional schemes. TF01 has been recognized by plant protection drone and flight control manufacturers at home and abroad after a year of market test. Through being optimized and upgraded, TF02 also meet higher demands of market and clients. 

Compared with TF01, TF02 has the following features: 
Distance Measurement Performance: 
       1. Longer indoor and outdoor measurement range (indoor: 22m; outdoor: above 10m);
       2. Lower noise. Almost no abnormal data within effective range;
       3. Sound signal discrimination algorithm for identification of abnormal data;
       4. Higher repeated accuracy of distance measurement

Overall Performance:
       1. Higher protection level, up to IP65;
       2. Pesticide corrosion resistant, with special enclosure material capable of resisting corrosion of most of the pesticides;
       3. Work normally even with optical window being contaminated bydirty water, sludge and other pollutants;
       4. Shock resistance. Unique design makes it more solid, shock resistant and infrangible;
       5. Additional function of bootloader to facilitate further software upgrade;
       6. Size reduced nearly by half

The application of TF02 in plant protection field is only the tip of the iceberg. Backed by outstanding performance, TF02 could be widely used in many fields such as auxiliary landing, transportation and logistics, engineering construction and physical training. At present, TF02 has been available for sale at domestic and foreign online platforms, including Taobao, Seeed, 3DXR and so on. 

This Exhibition is another overseas exploration of Benewake following CES at the early of the year, and also the beginning of TF02 to exploit overseas market and more application fields. Looking forward, Benewake will continue to push out innovative products to wakerobotsupand sense the world.