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Benewake LiDAR Made Its Debut Unveiled At CES——With Overseas IPRs and Certifications


The much anticipated InternationalConsumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 was successfully held in Las Vegas, the United States on January 5-8 local time. CES is by far the world’s largest and most widely influential yearly show of consumer electronics and the world’s largest consumer technology event. In 2017, marking the 50th anniversary of CES, Benewake LiDAR was successfully exhibited at the CES,  and has won overseas customers by virtue of its excellent performance and overseas IPRs and certifications.

This time, Benewake exhibited its DE LiDAR TF01 that has been widely acknowledged in the field of drone and intelligent device. After being exhibited, TF01 has been recognized by overseas customers, especially in drone altitude holding, terrain following, distance measurement and security sensor, etc.

This module has realized mass production and resolved the “altitude holding” difficulty faced by many drone and fight control system manufacturers by supporting PIXHAWK, TOPXGUN, among other fight control systems. Compared with traditional GPS, barometer and ultrasonic wave altitude holding solutions, the module has realized real-time detection of the distance between drones and crops with a refresh frequency of 500Hz and thus guaranteed the stability of flight height. At the same time, the module can keep errors at the centimeter level without being affected by temperature, light ray and airflow, and effectively improve the operation effectiveness.

During the CES, TF01 went on sale simultaneously on global hardware sales platforms, such as SEEED and ROBOTSHOP. In the meantime, Benewake has initiated its business communications with dozens of agents. 

Benewake LiDAR launched its overseas patent layout in 2014. Now, Benewake LiDAR enjoys an independent IPR system (overseas patents) and complete European and American certifications (FCC and CE, etc.). All these have guaranteed its legitimate use and sales by customers overseas. 

Robotshop www.robotshop.com
SEEED www.seeedstudio.com